Lesson 3 - Relationships - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2


Exercise 3

Use the required future forms in the following sentences:

1. How nice of you to come! I just (to wash) off and (to get) my coat on, and then I (show) you around.
2. I (to clean up) when you come with my things.
3. He says they (to finish) the house by the end of next month.
4. Meg got on her father’s knee and threw her arms around his neck. “Your father’s tea (get) cold, Meg” – said her mother.
5. He probably (to get) here in about three weeks. By that time I (to return) to the university.
6. “I don’t have a job.” “Don’t be scared. We (to find) something”.
7. In that case we (to take) a taxi.
8. You can’t live that far from the office. In a little while you (to look) for a place back here.
9. Your father (to be) disappointed.
10. He never (to make) much money.
11. He (to practice) the violin all the afternoon.
12. The judge (to ask) you a few questions.
13. John is not here. He (to be) back soon, though.
14. He has a lovely voice. He (go) a long way. You (see).
15. If you (take) my advice, you (go home).

Exercise 4

If the phrase in bold is correct, put a tick. If it is incorrect, write the correct form so that the sentence is in future perfect.

1. I think we will have sold out of these by the end of the day.
2. On Tuesday, Toby will have been being with the company for exactly 35 years.
3. We’ll have been becoming the market leader by the end of the summer.
4. At the end of the summer, I’ll have taking the same train to work every morning for 15 years.
5. When we meet tomorrow afternoon, will you already have a chance to look at the sale figures?
6. You’ll have driven for hours without a break when we het there, so you’ll need a rest before we go out.
7. A Managing Director will have appointed by the end of the month.
8. Sandra won’t have been finished the reports by then, but she should at least get started.
9. Ron’s going to be very surprised when he hears the news. He definitely will have been expecting it.
10. Will you have managed to put something down in writing by the end of the day?
11. Why will they have been waiting for hours? I thought you’d told them we were going to leave later.
12. It sounds like the invitations won’t all have delivering by next Friday.

Exercise 5

Complete each second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.

1. The bell will ring and then you can all go home.
You can all go home when …………..
2. Ahmed will ask the questions and I’ll take notes.
I’ll take notes while …………..
3. You are a trainee for three months and then you become a junior employee.
You become a junior employee once …………
4. Miss Jones will be interviewing the candidates and Mr Dawkins will be recording the interviews.
Miss Jones will be interviewing the candidates while……………..
5. The sales figures will come in and then we’ll assess the situation again.
We’ll assess the situation again as ……………..
6. Work for us for over a year and we will consider promoting you.
We will only consider promoting you once ………………
7. They’ll start selling in much larger quantities and then they’ll make a profit.
They won’t make a profit until ……………
8. The publishing company will offer me a contract and then I’ll know for sure that they are going to publish the book.
I’ll know for sure that the book is going to be published when I …………….