Lesson 4 - Social - Vocabulary(part1)




Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Rewrite these sentences by replacing the underlined words from B and C with an expression that means the same thing.

1 It's always good to see Hugh but somehow he always manages to outstay his welcome.
2 You wouldn't believe it but Helen and Mark are now an item!
3 I don't really approve of the way Erica puts herself about, but I'm sure it'll help her to make a success of going freelance.
4 Don't forget your old friends when your film becomes a hit and you're rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.
5 I'm going to a birthday hash this weekend. Should be fun.
6 We must invite Jane to our do. She's a real party animal!
7 Mike'll want to go on a pub crawl as soon as his exams finish.
8 Let's have a night on the town as the children are with their grandparents tonight.

Exercise 3

Answer the following questions relating to the expressions on the opposite page.

1 Who would you call a party animal and who would you call a party pooper and why? Which of these are you more likely to be called and why?
2 Does the old school tie network have any significance in your country?
3 If not, are there any other networks which can help people up the career ladder?
4 In which sort of careers do you think it is important to network?
5 It's Friday night. Would you prefer to go clubbing or to go on a pub crawl?
6 Which of the types of party listed in A have you personal experience of? How did you enjoy them?
7 If you describe an atmosphere as cliquey, do you like the atmosphere? Why / Why not?
8 Have you ever been stood up? What happened?

Exercise 4