Lesson 4 - Routine - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Put the verbs in brackets into correct form

1) When she nearly (to reach) the end of the curve she (see) a figure ahead of her.
2) Mary (to return) to the room. Jason (to sit) down beside the fireplace and (to take) off his shoes.
3) Her eyes (to be) puffed, and she obviously (to cry) that afternoon.
4) No sooner I (to arrive) than I (to send) her a letter to say that I (to have) a present for her.
5) I (to get) back as soon as (to get) through with my business.
6) His cheek (to be) cut. When she (to see) it she (to say): “Oh, you (to fight) again.”
7) Anna (to sit) up in bed and (look) out of the window.
8) “I (to take) you out every day,” she promised.
9) The actress (to stop) in front of their table, smiling widely. “Hello,” he said. “We (to see) your show tonight. We (to think) you (to be) very good indeed.”
10) She (to look) up at him from where she (to sit). Her makeup things (to lie) in front of her. She (to do) her face.
11) Grant said: “I (to go) fishing in Scotland for a day or two.”
12) “You (to be) a marvelous boy in those days”, the nanny sighed.
13) I knew that for the past 25 years he (to buy) the same paper each morning.
14) I (to go) to Spain for a week. I already (to pack) my things.
15) The bus (to leave) at 5 pm.

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Exercise 5