Lesson 5 - Food - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Turn the following active constructions into passive ometting all mention of agent of the sction.

2. What do you call it?
3. They asked us to stay a little longer.
4. One expects him to obey the regulations.
5. People have made great progress in physics.
6. They are discussing the possibility of new negotiations.
7. Everybody thought that Jack was clever but lazy.
8. People use coal for making artificial materials.
9. People say it is difficult.
10. What books are people reading this year?

Exercise 3

Supply the required passive forms of the verbs in brackets:

1. Aunt Dinah (not to like) by my father's family; she (to consider) vulgar.
2. After his brother's departure Paul sat for a long time thinking about what (to say).
3. "I'm not prepared," my father said, "to listen to your suggestions that you never (to treat) fairly at school."
4. In the drawing-room the music of Mozart (to play) by an orchestra seen on the screen.
5. "Remember I (to pay) by the hour," grumbled the driver.
6. But there were signs that order (to restore) in the town.
7. I (to receive) by one of the chiefs and (to take) for lunch to the canteen.
8. Well, what (to do) about it, Ted? 9. He went into the bedroom. The bed (to turn) down for the

Exercise 4

Turn the following active constructions into passive

1. I bought flowers yesterday.
2. He damaged his car last night.
3. She cleans the garage twice a week.
4. He will open the meeting at nine.
5. I paid him a lot of money to do the job.
6. She has just received the letter.
7. We will send the newspapers by train.
8. They have already sold all the tickets.
9. Burning coal or oil cause acid rains.
10. I have told my friends about the party.
11. They will show this programme on television.
12. You mustn't touch this button.
13. She didn't allow me to come in.
14. He hasn't cleaned the carpet yet.
15. Jane looks after her baby well.

Exercise 5

Translate the following sentences into English using passive con structions:

1 Его еще никогда не принимали за англичанина .
2.В твоей комнате ничего не трогали с тех пор , как тебя послали в лагерь .
3. Представляет ли для тебя интерес работа , которую тебе предложили ?
4. За каждый пенни нужно отчитаться .
5 . Вас когда-нибудь учили , как надо вести себя ?
7. Его пришлось оперировать .
8. Детей угостили мороженым .
9. У меня украли коллекцию марок .
10. Посмотри ! Кто - то пролил чай на скатерть .