Lesson 6 - Food - Video(part3)


Exercise 1

Answer the questions

What do you think about your grandparents’ and your lifestyle? Is there any difference?
Is there any difference in eating habits? Compare your grandparents’ eating habits with your own.
Compare your grandparents’ free time activities with your own.
Compare your grandparents’ social relationships with your own.

Did your grandparents move more, eat better and take it more easily than you?
Do you think the advert raises awareness of the benefits of a balanced diet and active, healthy lifestyle?
Do you think drinks like Coca-Cola can form part of a balanced diet?

Exercise 2

Answer the questions

Would you say you eat a healthy diet?
How often do you eat takeaways and junk food?
How often do you eat snacks?
Have you ever found yourself eating snacks while you are working?
Have you ever skipped breakfast? If yes, how often do you skip it?

Watch the video «Tips for eating a healthier diet you can pick out»


Exercise 3