Lesson 7 - Food - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2


Exercise 3

Transform the sentences into Active or Passive Voice

1. This room has been painted blue.
2. Cricket is played in Australia.
3. I was not given a ticket.
4. We have lost our keys.
5. You might see dolphins here.
6. The report must be completed by next Friday.
7. They were singing a song in the lesson yesterday.
8. A letter was written to her some days ago.
9. The black bike is being repaired at the moment.
10. Will this flat have been sold by the time we arrive?
11. Was this dish being cooked when I came?

Exercise 4


Exercise 5

Describe the pictures using Passive or Active Voice

Present Continuous Passive
Present Perfect Continuous Active
Present Perfect Passive
Past Perfect Active
Past Continuous Passive
Present Perfect Passive
Future Perfect Passive
Present Perfect Active