Lesson 8 - Food - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Correct the sentences

1) As I drove south, I could see that the old road was rebuilding.
2) I suppose the letter will been delivered by now.
3) There is nothing more annoying than been interrupted when you are speaking.
4) Jim was been given the sack from his new job.
5) A lot of meetings have been held, but nothing has being decided yet.
6) A lot of money are being spent on goods every day.

Exercise 2

Transform the sentences using Passive Voice

1) The inventor of the computer simplified the work of the accountants.
Since the computer ________________ the work of accountants __________ simplified.
2) The waitress will bring your drinks in a moment.
Your drinks ______________in a moment.
3) Someone used a knife to open the window.
This window _________________ a knife.
4) People asked me the way three times.
5) The fruit-pickers pick the apples early in the morning.
6) Lots of people had parked their cars on the pavement.
7) People generally assume that the USA is the richest country in the world.
8) They gave him artificial respiration.
9) What did they pay you for doing the job?
10) Someone must teach that boy a lesson!

Exercise 3

Open the brackets using Passive Voice

1) Your food (still/prepare).
2) Luckily by the time we got there the painting (not/sell).
3) We had to go on holiday because our house (decorate).
4) I'm afraid that next week's meeting (cancel).
5) The cathedral (build) in the fourteenth century.
6) It ( agree) by everyone at the meeting that no smoking should ( allow).
7) As our new furniture (deliver) on Monday morning I'll have to stay at home to check that it (not/damage) during transit.
8) For the past few days I (work) in Jack's office, as my own office (redecorate).
9) A large sum (raise) for the Fund by a recent charity concert.
10) No decision (make) about any future appointment until all suitable candidates (interview).
11) The accounts of this company (check) _____ regularly twice a month by a strict tax expert.
12) The fridge wasn't working. It (damage) _____ during our move.
13) Ted (award) ______ a scholarship recently thanks to his success at school.
14) All the goods we purchased yesterday have defects, so they (send)______ back to the manufacturer right now.

Exercise 4

Translate the sentences using Passive Voice

1) Тебе уже предложили новую работу?
2) Этот проект уже доделали?
3) Это здание еще строилось, когда я переехал.
4) Тебя, возможно, повысят в следующем году.
5) Вино делают из винограда.
6) Все необходимые документы пришлют до завтра.
7) Их машину мыли в тот момент, когда они ходили по магазинам.
8) Многие машины делаются в Японии.
9) Мост построят в следующем году.
10) Преступники должны быть арестованы.