Lesson 12 - Home - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Underline the most suitable prepositions.

a) I got at/to the station just in time to see Jack getting from/off' the train.
b) The cafe is among/between the chemist's and the butcher's and across/opposite the library.
c) Sue lives at/in Wales, which is a country at/in the west of Britain.
d) I was brought up in/on an island near/next to the coast of Scotland.
e) Travelling by/in your own car is better than going by/on foot.
f) Jack was leaning by/against the wall with his hands in/into his pockets.
g) Ann had a hat on/over her head and a veil above/over her face.
h) We arrived at/in England at/in Gatwick Airport.
i) I left my bags at/from the station at/in a left luggage locker.
j) Peter came running into/to the room and threw his books at/onto the floor.

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