Lesson 19 - City - Grammar (part 3)


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Twenty Questions

In this yes/no question game, you have to guess the name of a famous person or character by asking the players 20 yes/no questions.
Write the name of a famous person or character on a piece of paper and give it to the player.
The other students take it in turns to ask yes/no questions to the player in order to find out his/her secret identity.
A 'yes' response from the player earns a questioner another chance to ask one more question.

Exercise 3

Write the questions using answers

Exercise 4


Exercise 5

Fill in the correct questions tags and short answers

1. You’ve seen that film,….?
Yes, …
2. They want to go skiing this year, …?
No,….They want to go on an adventure holiday
3. He’ll probably be hungry when he comes in, …?
Yes, …..I’ll make him some sandwiches.
4. She likes going to the cinema,…?
No, …..She prefers going to the theatre
5. You’ve been to university, …?
6. I’m a bit younger than Sally, …?
7. They aren’t moving, …?
Yes, …
8. You won’t forget to call me, ….?
No, …. Don’t worry
9. You took some photographs at the ceremony, …?
Yes, …. They’re in this album
10. He knows I’m planning a party for him,…?
No, …. He doesn’t suspect a thing
11. They have bought a new car, …?
Yes, ….It’s a Volvo
12. He works for his father, …?
Yes, …, His father owns a large company.
13. I’m not late, ….?
No, ….You’re just on time
14. They’ll be here in a minute, …?
Yes, …. We’d better tidy up
15. You did the washing-up, …?
Yes, …. And I cleaned the kitchen

Exercise 6