Lesson 20-City-Grammar (Part3)


Exercise 1

Fill in who, whose, what, which, where, when, how long, how often, what time, why, how much, how many, how long ago

1. … do you play football? Twice a week
2. … does the train leave? Nine o’clock
3. … is Martin? In the garden
4. … is it? Half past ten
5. … does he earn? 1000 a month
6. … sisters have you got? Two
7. … is this book? 5$
8. … did he call? To invite me out to dinner
9. … is the new driver like? He’s very friendly
10. … shall we do this evening? Let’s go out
11. … is the office party? On Saturday
12. … have you been waiting? About half an hour
13. … is that briefcase? I think it’s Tom’s
14. … of these rings do you prefer? The gold one
15. … spilt coffee on the desk? I did. Sorry
16. … did you get your exam results? Last Friday
17. … did you meet Jessie? Two years ago
18. … is the easiest way to get to the cinema? Go through the city centre

Exercise 2


Exercise 3

Turn the following into indirect questions

1. Who left this bag here?
Do you know…

2. Who is that woman?
We need to find out…

3. What time does the next train leave?
Can you tell me…

4. How much does this dress cost?
Could you tell me …

5. Where does Mary live?
I don’t know…

6. Are the police investigating the robbery?
Have you any idea…

7. Did the caller leave a message?
I’d like to find out

8. Is he the manager?
I’d like to know

9. Who reported the crime?
Do you know…

10. How did they find the missing jewellery?
Have you any idea…

Exercise 4

Complete the questions

1. Ryan won two races
A Who … ? Ryan
B How many …. ? Two

2. Stanley goes swimming three times a week
A Who…? Stanley
B How often…? Three times a week

3. There are two shirts. The yellow one is mine
A Which …? The yellow one
B Whose …? Mine

4. Steven has broken Jim’s mug
A Whose…? Jim’s
B Who …? Steven

5. Linda is going to the theatre this evening
A Who…? Linda
B Where …? To the theatre

6. Anne bought Ralph a present yesterday
A Who…? Anne
B Who…? Ralph

7. There are two bags. The one on the chair is Fay’s
A Whose …? Fay’s
B Which …? The one on the chair

Exercise 5