Lesson 43 - Health - listening(part3)

Exercise 1


What are some common reasons why people have to be hospitalized?
How long do people need to stay in the hospital for these medical conditions?
What things do you look for when choosing a hospital for your care?
Have you ever been Hospitalized? Why?

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Listen to the passage below

Answer the questions below

Script (Go over the script of the passage paying close attention to)

Exercise 4

Discuss following questions:


Who are the speakers?

Where does the dialog take place?

What has happened?

Who and how was injured in the accident?

How are the patient and the speaker related?

What does the lady tell the man about the patient’s condition?

Have you ever been in a similar situation?
Have you ever had a surgery performed on you?
Have you ever broken a bone?

Do you catch a cold more than once a year?