Lesson 44 - Health - video(part3)

Exercise 1


What do you call a person who can’t see?
What would it be like to be blind?
How do you feel when you see a blind person in the street?
Are there any advantages to be being blind?
Think of some things that blind people can and can’t do.
How do blind people navigate the world?
What do you think would be the most difficult thing for a blind person to do?

Exercise 2

Instruct the students to close their eyes and keep them that way while listening carefully to the description you are about to play.

Show the picture

Exercise 3

Watch this video

Would you take advantage of a blind person?
What did people do?
What kind of people helped him the most?
What did the others do?
Would the situation play out differently in Ukraine?
Have you ever helped a person with disabilities?
Why not?
What does it take to help someone out?

Exercise 4

Optional. Just for fun.

House MD funny moments.