Lesson 50 - Weather - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Put the verbs in the brackets into Passive Voice

1) It (announce) yesterday that the proposed new office block (now/not/build) because of the current economic situation.
2) Your food (still/prepare).
3) Pictures of the surface of the planet Venus (receive) yesterday.
4) As our new furniture (deliver) on Monday morning I'll have to stay at home to check that it (not/damage) during transit.
5) The parcel (to receive) tomorrow by 7 p.m.
6) The answer to this ques¬tion can (to find) in the encyclopedia.
7) This issue (to discuss) at the conference recently.
8) The evidence (not to find) yet.
9) Their house (to redecorate) while they were on business trip in Chicago.

Exercise 2

Choose Active or Passive Voice

1) Your luggage will (bring, be brought) up in the lift.
2) From the station they will (take, be taken) straight to the hotel.
3) She will (meet, be met) them in the hall upstairs.
4) The porter will (bring, be brought) your lug¬gage to your room.
5) They can (leave, be left) the key with the clerk downstairs.
6) At the station they will (meet, be met) by a man from the travel agency.
7) The winning horse (was ridden, was riding) by Pat Murphy.
8) I looked again for the old man, but he (was vanished, had vanished).
9) I don't think that you (will be asked, are being asked) to show your passport.
10) The children were (took , taken , taking) to the seaside for the day.
11) I was (sending, sent , send) here by the manager.
12) Kate is having her car (services, servicing, serviced) tomorrow.
13) Sue had her windows (breaking, broken, broke) by vandals.
14) David has been (offer, offering, offered) a new job in Brazil.
15) Where exactly (were you born, did you born, did you bear)?
16) I (was given, gave) this book by Emily.

Exercise 3

Transform from Passive into Active Voice

1. This mountain has never been climbed be¬fore.
2. She told me that those newspapers had been carefully put away where they would not be lost.
3. Why have these cups been put here in this cupboard?
4. Nick was told to go home at once.
5. What museums were visited last year?
6. Have your compositions been handed in?
7. They were being taught drawing at that lesson.
8. This name was seldom mentioned in his novels.
9. I am often told about it.

Exercise 4

Translate the sentences using Passive Voice

1. Мне дают сок каждое утро.
2. Когда исправили ошибку?
3. Меня часто приглаша¬ют в кино.
4. Моей сестре часто помогают в шко¬ле.
5. Книги А. Кристи чита¬ют с интересом.
6. Почему эти правила всегда забыва¬ют?
7. Где покупа¬ют хлеб?
8. Что ему обещали?
9. Прошлым летом меня научили плавать.
10. Биле¬ты принесут завтра.