Lesson 51 - Weather - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Have something done

Exercise 2

Choose the correct sentence for each picture.

Exercise 3

Transform the sentences using have something done

1) A painter painted our house last month.
Example: We had our house painted last month.

2) The hairdresser is cutting my hair now.
3) Someone has stolen my motorbike.
4) The dentist has taken out all of Ricky's teeth.
5) I haven't been to the car-wash for a long time.
6) The men are coming to put in the new central heating on Saturday.
7) Someone broke Harry's nose in a fight.
8) Her skirt is being cleaned at the moment.
9) My hair is trimmed once a month.
10) Tom`s burglar alarm was installed yesterday.
11) My car is being repaired at the moment.
12) The windows will be cleaned.
13) A new jumper has been knitted for me.
14) The lock has to be fixed.
15) A new pair of glasses is going to be made for him.

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

What is to be done with these objects? Describe the pictures using have something done.