Lesson 52 - Weather - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Transform the sentences into Passive Voice.

1) Do they sell clothes in this shop?
2) Someone is cleaning the windows.
3) She tapped him on the hand with her pen.
4) I don`t like people laughing at me.
5) People spend a lot of money on food.
6) Is Sue washing the car?
7) Who made this dress?
8) They will open the new sports center soon.
9) The made him confess to the robbery.
10) Liz showed me some holiday pictures.
11) Who broke this mug?
12) The jury will have reached a verdict by the morning.

Exercise 2


Exercise 3

Transform the sentences into Passive Voice or Have something done using words in bold.

1) Colin is mending the broken table.
by The broken table __________ Colin.
2) Someone told us about the party.
were We ________________ the party.
3) She will get a famous designer to design her wedding dress.
have She will _________ by a famous designer.
4) Two of his teeth were broken in a fight.
had He ___________ broken in a fight.
5) They will give Lily a pay rise this month.
be Lily _______ a pay rise this month.

Exercise 4

Transform the sentences using Have something done

1. Their windows need to be cleaned.
2. The hairdresser was styling Mrs Brown`s hair.
3. She told her son to carry the shopping to the house.
4. Das is going to arrange for someone to cut the grass.
5. They used to employ a cleaner who cleaned the house.
6. Did the mechanic repair Paul`s motorbike?
7. The boss asked his assistant to type the letter.
8. A plumber fixed the dripping tap for Joe.
9. Have you told the secretary to make some photocopies?
10. The chef was cooking Tom`s lunch.
11. Did you tell the shop to deliver the sofa to you?
12. My purse was stolen last Friday.
13. Did you employ a painter to decorate your house?
14. The builders are putting a new roof on Adam`s roof at the moment.
15. She told the maid to polish the silver.

Exercise 5