Lesson 60 - Free time - Reading(part3)


Exercise 1

Read the text and check your understanding.




Exercise 2

Read the text and answer the questions.

Have you ever imagined the world without music? Imagine the world without one musical instrument, one song to sing along to, or one tune to whistle. Imagine a world without dancing. It would be a very quiet and suppressed place to be!
There is a type of music for every emotion and individual taste. There is a song you can relate to if you are excited and ready to party. There is a song for when you are upset over a broken heart. There is a song that reflects the feeling of being in love and a song for when you feel angry and alone. I can guarantee there is at least one song in the world that is special to you. I like the fact that music appeals to everyone, you do not have to be a talented musician to enjoy it. You do not even need to listen to music playing; you can remember a song in your head as if it is playing out loud.
Recently I have been enjoying Spanish flamenco music. I may not fully understand all of the lyrics, but it is not necessary. I am moved by the sheer emotion and passion of the vocals accompanied by the Spanish guitar. Spanish flamenco music is full of expression; it makes me wonder that if there were no music at all, then surely, we must all explode.
I have also been taking flamenco dance classes, and I have come to realise just how important the music is. Although we learn new steps, we spend a lot of time listening carefully to the music, paying attention to the rhythm. You really do have to 'feel' the music so that you can, through dance, become a part of it. As well as the singers and guitarists, the flamenco dancers become an instrument through their hands and feet; tapping their heels and clapping their hands. Altogether this creates a compelling sound. To me, flamenco music is an example which defines how powerful music can be. It is something personal that can also be shared. Music is an experience, and I definitely do not want to imagine a world without it.

Describe a song or a piece of music you like.
You should say:
• what the song or music is
• what kind of song or music it is
• where you first heard it
and explain why you like it.

Music and young people
What kinds of music are popular with young people in your culture?
What do you think influences a young person’s taste in music?
Music and society
How important is it for a culture to have musical traditions?
Why do you think countries have national anthems or songs?
Music and technology
How has technology affected the way we make, play and listen to music?
Do you think these are positive developments?

Describe a music video or a concert that has made an impression on you.
You should say:
• which kind of music it was and who performed it
• what it was like musically
• what it was like visually
and explain why you liked or disliked it.

Music in the world
Why is pop music so popular globally?
Which do you prefer: traditional music from your country or classical music from abroad?
The psychology of music
How do different kinds of music affect the way people feel?
What is the best music to listen to while studying?
Changes in music
What are the main differences between music today and that of previous decades?
Which contributes more to the success of modern singers and bands: their music, or their appearance and image? Why do you think so?
What kinds of music will people be listening to in ten years?