Lesson 65 - Nature - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Put the verbs into the correct tense.

1. Who______________ (use) my toothbrush?
2 What (you/do)?' I ______________ (write) a letter.'
3 Samantha ______________ (play) tennis with friends every weekend.
4 Tim and Matilda ______________ (be) married since 1991.
5 Uncle Bill ______________ (just/decorate) the bathroom.
6 Pauline and Tom ______________ (sing) in the school choir twice a week.
7 Who ______________ (you/speak) to?
8 Sarah is very happy. She ______________ (win) a poetry competition.
9 He ______________ (drink) two cups of coffee this morning.
10 My friend ______________(live) in America at the moment.
11 A: What ______________ (you/do)?
B: Nothing. I ______________ (just/finish) my lunch.
12 A: Where ______________ (you/be) all morning?
B: I ______________ (clean) my house since 8 o'clock.
13 A: ______________ (you/do) anything next weekend?
B: No, I ______________ (not/make) any plans yet.
14 A: Jane looks great ______________ (she/lose) weight?
B: Yes, she ______________ (exercise) a lot recently.
15 A: ______________ (be/you) busy right now?
B: Yes, I ______________ (just/start) typing this report.
16 A: Where is Peter?
B: He ______________ (wash) the car at the moment.
17 A: Who ______________ (be) your favorite actor?
B: I ______________ (like) Sean Connery since I was a child.
18 A: (you/do) your homework yet?
B: Almost; I ______________ (do) it now.

Exercise 3


Exercise 4

A. What 1) ______________ (do) when I 2) ______________ (call) at eight, Burt?
B. I 3) ______________ (work) in the garden because the wind 4) ______________ (blow down) the fence during the night.
A. Oh, 5) ______________ (you/manage) to fix it?
B. Yes, I 8) ______________ (do) it eventually, but it 7) ______________ (be) very hard work. I 8) ______________ (ask) my neighbor to help in the end. Why 9) ______________ (you/call) me?
A.I 10) ______________ (want) to tell you about the factory. It 11) ______________ (close down) yesterday.
B. I know. The company 12) ______________ (have) problems for a long time before they finally 13) ______________ (decide) to close down the factory.
A. I 19) ______________ (hope) they would change their minds about it, though. It 15) ______________ (be) a part of the town for years.
B. Well, at least everyone who worked there 18) ______________ (now/find) a new job. That's good news.

Exercise 5

1 A: Why was Tim so tired last night?
B: Oh, he ______________ (work) hard all day.
2 A: I ______________ (go) to the cinema last night.
B: Really? What ______________ (you/see)?
3 A: Did you have enough to eat at the party?
B: Yes. Sarah ______________(make) a lot of food.
4 A: What ______________ (you/do) at eight o'clock last night?
B: I ______________ (watch) television. Why?
5 A: Colin! Look at yourself! You are filthy!
B: I know. I ______________ (repair) my motorbike.
6 A: I ______________ (do) something really silly yesterday.
B: Really, what?
A: I ______________ (get) up and ______________ (set oft) for work as usual. I ______________ (drive) for an hour before I ______________ (realize) it was Sunday.
7 A: I ______________ (just/hear) some incredible news!
B: What?
A: Jason and Emily ______________ (get) married last week in Las Vegas. Isn't that amazing?

Exercise 6


Exercise 7

Correct the mistakes.

1 They are usually starting work at 9 o'clock.
2 Look! That man is having blue hair!
3 Do you study for your exams at the moment?
4 I was being late for work yesterday morning.
5 Dave has planned his holiday since Christmas.
6 Sheila is typing twenty letters so far this morning.
7 The sun has been setting in the west.
B We were sleeping for an hour when the phone rang.
9 Lydia had been buying a new car last month.

Exercise 8