Lesson 66 - Animals - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Rewrite the sentences using participles

1 Lisa took a deep breath and dived into the water.
2 Jack bunt his finger while he was lighting a fire.
3 After Ann had ironed the clothes, she put Uteri away.
4 Because he was cold, James turned on the heater.
5 The photographs, which were taken at the recep¬tion, were blurted.
6 Almost washed the paintbrushes before she painted the living room.
7 She was sitting on the sofa and she was knitting a jumper.
8 The Girl who is sitting next to Alison is Vicky.
9 Because he had forgotten to do the shopping, he ate out that night.
10 Emma turned the key in the lock and opened the.

Exercise 3

Rewrite the sentences using a present participles or perfect participle phrases.

1 I smelt something. It was burning.
2 I went round to see her. I was hoping for reconciliation.
3 While he hated the job, he did it for many years.
4 She came in. She looked furious.
5 I had plenty of time to spare so I had a good look round the town.
6 He was wearing only a pair of shorts. He walked out into the darkness.
7 I had been out all day so I was quite happy to stay in for the evening.
8 The bedrooms that overlook the sea are the best ones in the hotel.
9 We're wasting time. We're sitting here and doing nothing.
10 I have changed my job since I last wrote to you.
11 Before I make a decision, I need to discuss it with my partner.
12 We had been friends for twenty years and suddenly we had a big argument and haven't seen each other since.
13 I had failed one of my exams no I couldn't get into university.
14 Because he loved her so much, he forgave her for everything.
15 I left them. They were doing the washing-up.

Exercise 4

Rewrite the sentences below using a past participles phrase or being + participle phrase.

1. The money was hidden in the cellar. It was not discovered for many years.
2. He was frequently criticized for his self - centered attitude but was nonetheless very popular.
3. After he was released from prison, Andy could not find a job anywhere.
4. The committee meetings, which were always dominated by the same people, were slow - moving and ineffectual.
5. Although, he was ridiculed by everybody, he continued to pursue his bizarre projects.
6. Unless it is destroyed, this material could have damaging consequences
7. Jennifer had been shoplifting for many years before she was found out.
8. I was exhausted through lack of sleep and fell asleep at my desk. Exhausted through lack of sleep, 1 fell asleep at my desk.
9. Peter was abandoned by his parents at an early age and took to stealing.
10. Although it was written many years ago, the book is still relevant today.

Exercise 5


Exercise 3