Lesson 67 - Nature - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Rewrite the sentences beginning with one of the clause forms shown in A and D.

1 When she saw the dog coming towards her, she quickly crossed the road.
2 As she was dressed all in black, she couldn't be seen in the starless night.
3 As I don't have a credit card, I found it difficult to book an airline ticket over the phone.
4 Keith spent a lot of time filling in job application forms because he was unemployed.
5 Because I was walking quickly, I soon caught up with her.
6 The house was built of wood, so it was clearly a fire risk.
7 I was eager to catch the bus in good time because I had been told off the day before for arriving late.
8 She didn't know where the theatre was, so she asked for directions at the hotel reception.
9 As she was a nurse, she knew what to do after the accident.
10 He had spent his childhood in Oslo so he knew the city well.

Exercise 2

Complete the sentences with either having + past participle or the -ing form of one of these verbs. In which is it also possible to use either form with a similar meaning?
move park suffer wait walk

1. _____________the car about a kilometer from the stadium, I walked the rest of the way.
2. _____________ out of the city, she felt much happier.
3. _____________ through the tunnel, I banged my head on the low roof.
4. ____________six months for the washing machine to be delivered, I decided to cancel the order.
5. ____________from depression himself as a teenager, Kevin could understand how his son was feeling.

Exercise 3

Complete these sentences with a preposition from (1) and a verb from (2). Use an -ing form of the verb or being + past participle. as appropriate. You will need to use some of the words from (1) more than once.

(1) after before since through while
(2) come interview leave overthrow sell take welcome work

1. _______________ out of hospital, I have been to the gym every day.
2. ________________on TV last night, the minister mentioned that she would be retiring soon.
3 . _______________ the back off the compute; make sure it is unplugged.
4 . _______________ the government's new policy, I think it should have been introduced months ago.
5. _______________ in a military takeover, the king has been under house arrest.
6. _______________ with young children for the last 40 years, she has come to understand their behavior better than most.
7. _______________ in supermarkets, most milk is pasteurized.
8 . _______________ Oxford University in 1953, Painter spent three years teaching at a local school.

Exercise 4

Rewrite these sentences beginning With... -ing or Without... -ing.

1 We couldn't go on holiday because Kathy had flu.
2 I won't be able to advise you unless I have more information.
3 He had solved the problem, although he didn't realise it.
4 I couldn't wait for Ken any longer as time was running out before the train left

Exercise 5