Lesson 68 - Nature - Vocabulary(part2)


Exercise 1

Conditional types 1,2,3

1. If I (stay) __________________________ in Berlin, I would have found a new girlfriend.
2. He would do more to help the poor if he (be) __________________________ the Pope.
3. If he goes to London on a business trip, he (visit) __________________________ Soho.
4. We won't go to the film unless they (arrive) __________________________ in the next 5 minutes.
5. She (buy) __________________________ a new car if she had had the money.
6. If Yoko were me, she (go)__________________________ to Manchester immediately.
7. They will talk to Jack if he (come) __________________________.
8. Mike will come to work 30 minutes late if his child (miss) __________________________ the bus to school.
9. If Peter (think) __________________________ twice, he wouldn't have made such a stupid mistake.
10. Kate (become) __________________________ a university lecturer if she studies hard.
11. If they (know) __________________________ all the facts, they would have found the defendant guilty.
12. Unless you (hurry up)__________________________ , we will never arrive on time.
13. If I were in charge, I (change) __________________________ the standard business routines.
14. He will take her out to dinner, if she (come) __________________________ to town.
15. If I hadn't known better, I (trust) __________________________ him.
16. We wanted to go out yesterday but the weather was appalling. If it (be) __________________________ a sunny day, we (go) __________________________ for a picnic.
17. Mary was here not long ago. If you (come round) __________________________ earlier, you (see) __________________________ her.
18. Apparently, the government is planning to close the port in this town. If that (happen)__________________________ , the town (lose) __________________________ a great deal of money.
19. I (help) __________________________ you with your maths homework if I (have) __________________________ more time but I'm afraid I haven't got any spare time at all at the moment.
20. The government is expecting to win the next election, but if it (lose)__________________________ , the Prime Minister (resign)__________________________ from politics.

Exercise 2


Exercise 3

1 If I ………... (be) you. I wouldn’t drive in the snow.
2 Peter (be able to) help you if he was here.
3 If I had closed the window, the cat (not/jump) out.
4 I (call) tor help if l got stuck in a lift.
5 Had I known him, I (talk) to him.
6 John (may/loose) his job if he is rude to the boss.
7 If you (save) some money, you would have been able to go on holiday last year.
8 You may win if you (take) part in the contest.
9 It I had toothache. I (go) to the dentist.
10 They would have helped us move house it we ……………………… (ask) them.
11 If Jane (be) older, she could live by herself.
12 We would have changed our plans it we (hear) the weather forecast.
13 Emma (send) a card if she had remembered it was their anniversary.
14 Robert (feel) better if you talked to him.
15 If Sam was still living nearby, you (can/invite) him for dinner.
16 If you (put) your money in your wallet, you will not lose it.
17 If you (like) chocolate, you will love this cake.
18 If Bill (come) home early he will eat dinner with us.
19 Sandra will join us later unless she (have) a lot of work to do.

Exercise 4


Exercise 5

Play a game

Exercise 6