Lesson 72 - Pronouns - Reading(part3)


Exercise 1

Watch and discuss the video.


Exercise 2

What would you do if you didn’t have to work to get paid

1. How would you spend your time if you didn’t have to work for a living?
2. Would you sleep in till way past noon grab a bag of Cheetos and switch on the TV or computer?
3. Would you cultivate some altruism and take a walk with the elderly from a nearby retirement home?
4. Read a book or two a week? Keep bumblebees, beetles, and butterflies to help them (and us) survive.
5. Start your mornings with painting, or learn to cultivate bonsai like a Japanese zen master? Become a yoga teacher or professional pet sitter?
6. Would you invest sweat and blood to become a master in martial arts?
7. Take a job with the least possible amount of responsibility, just for the fun of it?
8. Take up gardening and contribute to public nutrition interest by growing forgotten heirloom vegetables and fruits?
9. Try new things, just for the sake of experiencing new highs and lows?
10. Would you take cooking classes, herd goats, raise chickens, start coding, make art, spray graffiti, go out and meet new people, visit children in prison, bake cookies, get bored to death, go crazy?

Exercise 3

Discuss the quotes and answer the questions.

1. Inspired by the possibility of living a life true to your own needs and wants?
2. What would you do if you didn’t have to work?
3. Describe a business you know that you admire. You should say

• what this business is
• what the business sells
• how long you have known about the business
• say why you like it so much.