Lesson 75 - Shopping - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Open the brackets and use the Complex Subject.

Example: He is thought (study) now. – He is thought to be studying now.
1. He is considered (be) a good musician.
2. They are thought (go away) some days ago.
3. James is expected (make) a report next Wednesday.
4. Steve is known (help) them to solve a problem when they were in trouble.
5. Mozart is known (compose) a lot of wonderful pieces of music.
6. The film is considered (be) the worst of the year.
7. She is supposed (work) in the laboratory from 2 to 6 p.m. tomorrow.
8. They are known (make) a new discovery a month ago.
9. He is expected (manage) the business himself.
10. He is said (be) at the customs office now.
11. The delegation is reported (leave) Prague tonight at 11 a.m.
12. They are know (live) in Egypt for a long time.
13. He is believed (work) at an urgent problem now.

Exercise 2


Exercise 3