Lesson 6b - Grammar - Past Simple


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Change the verb into the correct form

1. Dan (leave) very early today.
2. Sam and Sue (buy) a new house last month.
3. I (visit) Germany the previous week.
4. They (find) this book on their trip to Italy.
5. I (bake) this cake by myself.
6. We (open) the store in 1987.
7. The rain finally (stop), and we (go) home.
8. She (plan) to come, but she (have) some problems.
9. Kate (have) a big house, but she (sell) it.
10. Rose (be) very thin.
11. You (be) at work yesterday morning.
12. We (think) New York was in England!

Exercise 4

Put the verbs into the correct forms of Past Simple

1. Alice (not to have) a sister.
2. Her sister’s name (to be) Ann?
3. Ann (not to be) a student.
4. She (to get) up at seven o'clock?
5. When she (to go) to the institute?
6. Jane (to be) fond of sports?
7. She (to do) her morning exercises yesterday?
8. What he (to have) for breakfast?
9. Where he ( to go) after breakfast ?
10. Sometimes she (to take) a bus.

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

Form the questions

1. He ate his toast.
2. They lived in Boston.
3. We were on the beach.
4. Susan bought a new car.
5. He ate spaghetti.
6. They drove to Denver.
7. She was at home.