Lesson 14 Grammar basic


Exercise 1

Watch the video about Past Simple


Exercise 2

Look at the table

Exercise 3

Write the past simple of the verb in (brackets) to complete the sentences.

a. Yesterday I _____ to the park. (go)
b. My grandparents _____ us last week. (visit)
c. Last weekend I ______ an email to my friend. (write)
d. My brother ______ any computer games last night. (not play)
e. We ______ cereal and ______ juice for breakfast. (eat, drink)
f. I ______ my favourite TV programme yesterday. (not watch)
g. My friend ______ me a new pencil case for my birthday. (give)
h. Yesterday I ______ to school, I ______ by car. (walk, not go)

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Put the irregular verb in the past simple tense to fill the gaps.

1. I ____ (buy) some food for lunch.
2. Who ____ (meet) you at the airport?
3. We all ____ (have) the same idea.
4. ____ (do) you speak to Sophie?
5. I ____ (see) the weather forecast earlier.
6. He ____ (give) us a lift into town.
7. She ____ (read) three books in one week!
8. They ____ (take) a taxi to the hotel

Exercise 6