Lesson 14 - Video - Video (Part 3)


In this lesson you may choose video you want to watch. The first video is the easiest and the two other are more difficult.

Video 1


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Answer the questions.

1. Do you like Anne's house? Why? Why not?
2. Do you have a similar house?
3. How many rooms are there in Anne's house? Name them all.
4. Which room did you like the most?
5. Do your friends come to visit you at home? What do you do together? Where do you spend time in the house with them?

Video 2
Watch till 1:50


Exercise 3

Correct the mistakes in the sentences after watching the video

1. A home is a place where a family lives unhappily together.
2. A small thatched Hut is made out of sand and dried leaves.
3. A wooden cabin, which is completely made out of logs of plastic.
3. A cottage is a two- or three- floor house.
4. A mansion is a place where animals live.
5. An apartment complex has many buildings.

Optional task:Video 3


Exercise 4


Exercise 5

Discuss the video

1. How do the most British people live ?
2. What are the types of houses in Britain can you live in?
3. How does the house look inside?
4. What do Robinsons do in the living room?
5. What are there in the kitchen?
6. Where else can people eat in the house?
7. How many floors are there?
8. What is July doing?
9. What do people have in a bathroom?
10. What is a study?