Lesson 15 Grammar basic


Exercise 1

Change the verb into Past Simple.

1. Dan (leave) very early today.
2. Sam and Sue (buy) a new house last month.
3. I (visit) Germany the previous week.
4. You (play) very well.
5. They (find) this book on their trip to Italy.
6. I (bake) this cake by myself.
7. We (open) the store in 1987.
8. The rain finally (stop), and we (go) home.
9. She (plan) to come, but she (have) some problems.
10. Kate (have) a big house, but she (sell) it.
11. Rose (be) very thin.
12. You (be) at work yesterday morning.
13. We (think) New York was in England!
14. They (bring) this from their trip.
15. She always (dance) in the summer.

Exercise 2

Complete the sentences in the negative form (1-5) and construct questions (6-10).

1. I phoned Lucy last night. → I … Lucy last night.
2. You tidied up your room. → You … up your room.
3. Olivia became an actress. → Olivia … an actress.
4. We found the treasure. → We … the treasure.
5. He spoke Spanish. → He … Spanish.
6. (you/dance) … at the party last night?
7. (she/do) … her homework?
8. (Robert/work) … at the post office?
9. (they/help) … you with the washing-up?
10. When (I/say) … that?

Exercise 3

Find a mistake in these sentences

1.She wents to the cinema last night.
2.She doesn’t ate an apple two hours ago.
3.My sister didn’t was in her room.
4.They didn’t gave me a present.
5.I didn’t watched TV because I was busy.
6.We sang and dance until late at night.
7.My boyfriend buy this house last year.
8.Maria sangs a song last Christmas.
9.The teacher didn’t gave the books.
10.Did the cat dranks the milk?

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

Read this story and put the verbs into Past Simple.

The legend of Lake Naroch

Many years ago there ___(live) a girl called Nara. She ___(can) sing very well and play the psaltery. She ___(love) a young man and ___(want) to marry him. One day she was sitting near a large beautiful lake when a rich man ___(see) her. He ___(like) Nara so much that he___(want) to marry her. As Nara___ (have) a fiancé (жених) she___ (not want) ___ to marry the rich man. But the rich man___ (be) very stubborn (упрямый), and his servants ___ (kill) Nara’s fiancé and ___ (take) Nara to the rich man’s palace. The girl ___ (be) so unhappy that when everybody was sleeping, she ___ (set) fire to the palace , and ___ (run) away. When the rich man___ (learn) about it, he ___ (send) his servants (слуги) after Nara. As she ___ ( can not) run away from them, Nara ___ (dive) into the lake and___ (die). From that time the lake was named Lake Naroch.

Exercise 7