Lesson 20 - Transport - Speaking (Part 3)


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Answer the questions.

1) What is your favorite city? Why?
2) Which world city do you think would be the best to live in?
3) Do you prefer city or country life? Why?
4) What do you like and dislike about the capital city of your country?
5) How are the cities in your country different?
6) Would you prefer to live in a really old historical city, or a really new modern city?
7) What are some tourist attractions in your city?
8) What mean of transport do you use getting round your city?
9) What kind of transportation do you prefer when you travel? Why?

Exercise 3


Exercise 4

Describe the following pictures

1) What do you see in the left picture?
2) What do you see in the right picture?
3) How can you compare these two pictures?
4) What adjectives can you name for each picture?

What do you see in this picture?

Name these places. How often do you go there? Describe what you see.