Lesson 24 - Tenses - Grammar(Part 2)


Exercise 1

Fill in the correct form of the PRESENT SIMPLE or PRESENT CONTINUOUS

1. Dorothy (LOVE) to read a good novel on holiday.
2. My brother (TOUR) Italy the very moment I speak.
3. Tom (ASK) the strangest questions in class.
4. My mother (GIVE) a party for her friends once a year.
5. When I watch this movie it (MAKE) me sad.
6. He usually (GO) out on a Saturday night.
7. She (DEPART) by train from Liverpool today.
8. They (HAVE) a game of cards now.
9. What (YOU BAKE), Mom?
10. He always (feed) his dog with meat.
11. We (not have) classes at weekend.
12. What (listen) you to at present?
13. How much (cost) it?
14. My brother ( not like) basketball.
15. Where (work) your sister?

Exercise 2

Put the sentences using the tenses in brackets

1. _____ you _____ mineral water? (to drink) (Present Simple)
2. _____ Sarah and Linda _____ their pets? (to feed) (Past Simple)
3. _____ your teacher _____ your homework? (to check) (Future Simple)
4. _____ they _____ in the old house? (to live) (Present Simple)
5. _____ the cat _____ on the mat? (to sit ) (Present Continuous)
6. _____ Nina _____ computer games? (to play) (Past Simple)
7. _____ your parents _____ TV in the afternoon? (to watch) (Future Simple)
8. _____ Andy _____ the shopping? (to do) (Past Simple)
9. _____ Garry and Ken _____ a cup of tea in the afternoon? (to have) (Past Simple)

Exercise 3

Correct the mistakes

1. Andy bought a new shirt tomorrow.
2. They went shopping next Friday.
3. She didn`t had a bath in the morning.
4. We eated a big ice cream.
5. The students is reading.
6. Marie running home.
7. William rode a horse.
8. The nurse tooks Peter's temperature.
9. I understanded what the teacher said.

Exercise 4

Translate the sentences into English

1) Моя сестра – школьница, она не работает.
2) Сегодня солнечная погода, но завтра будет дождь.
3) Вчера я пришел домой вечером.
4) Я ездил в другой город два дня назад.
5) Через неделю мой дядя купит машину.
6) Мой брат не играет на гитаре сейчас.
7) Мои родители не ходят в кино по субботам.
8) Что ты делаешь по вечерам?
9) Где ты обычно проводишь лето?
10) Она сейчас читает книгу?
11) Моя тетя не любит кабачки.
12) У меня было много времени вчера.
13) Мы пойдем завтра гулять?
14) Мой друг вчера не ходил в университет.
15) В прошлом году студенты не путешествовали, потому что у них были экзамены.

Exercise 5

Describe the photos using Present Continuous, Present Simple, Future Simple, Past Simple for each picture