Lesson 25B – Appearance – Vocabulary - Test


Exercise 1

Put the words in the box into the correct column. Some words can go in more than one column.

blue, tall, fair, thin, long, slim, green, short, brown, dark, fat

4.Height and weight

Exercise 2

Answers these questions using the opposites.

1.Has your sister got long, fair hair?
2.Is your aunt short and overweight?
3.Is your dog young?
4.Is your uncle ugly?
5.Has your mother got blonde hair?
6.Is your brother thin?
7.Is your little sister beautiful?
8.Is your cousin tall?

Exercise 3

Complete five sentences describing this man.

1.He’s got a … .
2.He’s also got a … .
3.His skin is … .
4.He’s got … hair.
5.He is … .

Exercise 4

Make questions to match the answers on the right, using the words in brackets.

1.(you/tall/?) … 1 metre 56.
2.(the baby/heavy/?) … Nearly 5 kilos.
3.(the child/weigh/?) … Twenty kiols.
4.(your new teacher/look like/?) … She’s tall and slim.
5.(her hair/colour/?) … Blonde.

Exercise 5


Exercise 6

Look through two texts and fill the gaps with necessary information