Lesson 45 - Health - listening(part3)


Exercise 1

Discuss the following questions:

What health problems can people have in summer/winter?
What are the symptoms of a cold/flu?
What is it better to do when you feel dizzy or sick?

Now listen to conversations and choose the correct variant.

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Ccылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=pnswae4mj18

Exercise 2

Before listening discuss a few questions:
Listen, take notes and then answer the questions about each conversation.

1 What problems do they have?
2 What extra information do you hear about the problems?
3 What advice are they given?
4 Do they take the advice?

Exercise 3

Listen to three short conversations and decide whether each one takes place:

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Exercise 4

Listen again and answer these questions.

Conversation 1
1. What problem does she have?
2. What did she do to cure the problem?
Conversation 2
3. Which problem does the customer have: diarrhea, indigestion or vomiting?
4. What instructions is she given?
Conversation 3
5. What two problems does the man have?
6. How did each one happen?

Now discuss these questions.

What's your cure for hiccups?
For indigestion?
Do you ever ask pharmacists for advice?
Are they helpful?
Are prescriptions expensive where you live?
What did you get last time you were in a chemist's?
Are the hospitals good in your country?
Have you ever been to hospital?
Did you have to wait long?
What was the service?

Exercise 5

Post-listening quiz (optional):

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