Lesson 47 - Ilnesses - Grammar(part2)

Exercise 1

Translate sentences into English

1. Она писала сочинение, когда зазвонил телефон?
2. В то время, пока он спал прошлой ночью, кто-то украл его ключи
3. Вы обсуждали новости, когда начался снег?
4. Я слушал музыку в то время, когда она готовила ужин
5. Вчера в 6 часов вечера мы не готовили ужин
6. Я жил в Мексике в 2010 году
7. Вчера в это же самое время я сидел в кино и смотрел тот новый фильм, о котором я тебе рассказывал.
8. Когда я приехал на вечеринку, все гости танцевали
9. Что ты делал вчера?
10. Я пришел домой, приготовил обед, сделал уроки и лег спать
11. Что Вы делали вчера с 9.00 до 10.00 ? – спросил детектив. «Я убирал в доме», сказал мужчина. «Я всегда убираю в это время».
12. Он работал вчера весь вечер.
13. Один из учеников переписывал упражнения весь урок.
14. Дети играли в футбол три дня назад.
15. Прошлым летом я не отдыхал заграницей

Exercise 2

Open the brackets, using Past Simple Tense or Past Continuous Tense.

1. While the water (to heat) Mary (to begin) sweeping the floor.
2. Ann (to sit) in the restaurant when I (to see) her.
3. What you both (to do) at 8 o’clock yesterday? – I (to play) chess with my brother and John (to watch) television.
4. When I (to go) out the sun (to shine).
5. My friend (to be) a captain of a ship which ( to sail) that night for Liverpool.
6. When the doctor (to leave) the hospital , he (to catch) a glimpse of himself in the glass front door.
7. The boy (to fall down) while he (run) along the road.
8. The door of his room (to be) open; his mother still (to stand) at the window.
9. Next day, while he (to shave) he (to cut) himself slightly.
10. I (to slip) away while the others (to have) coffee.
11. At 10 o’clock the train (to arrive) at the station. In a flash he (to be) in the platform and (to move) up Railway Road.
12. My granny (to fall) asleep while she ( to watch) the new show.
13. It (to drizzle) when they (to come) out of the house.
14. We ( to have) dinner when the light ( to go out).
15. When I (to have) a dog in my childhood I always ( to take) him out for a walk in the evening.
16. Large crowds ( to wait) at the station when the Prime Minister (to arrive).
17. When the phone (to ring) , I (to have) a bath.
18. Ann just (to pass) the shop and (to head) to the door when she (to come) face to face with her husband.
19. It (to be) a pity I (to have) to be out last night.
20. Mary (to take) me to her mother’s , where they (to expect ) me to lunch.
21. Tom (to come) in, (to look) at the fire, (to stand) a moment, (to turn) and (to go) away.
22. I (to smile) and (walk) over Peter. He (to talk) to the director and they both (turn) as I (to come).
23. She (to run) down the stairs and (to go) to the library, where her husband (to stand) with his mother.
24. John (to lift) his eyes from the book and (to look) out of the window. It still (to snow).
25. One January evening when Ann ( to return) home, she (to meet) a friend of hers.
26. You (to have) a good time at those parties?
27. He (to go) to the kitchen and (to get) himself a cup of coffee.
28. I (to try) to remember what I (to do) during that time.
29. When I (to hear) his knock I (to go) to the door and (to open) it but I (not to recognize) him at first because I (not to wear) my glasses.
30. She (to come) to see us the other day and she (to give) us her address and (to ask) us to come and see her.

Exercise 3

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Choose the right answer

Exercise 4

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Choose the most suitable answer for each question

Exercise 5

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Read the paragraph. Choose the most suitable word for each space