Lesson 47 - Illnesses - Reading(part3)


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This lesson is focused on reading comprehension. You can choose any of two texts for your lesson if your time is limited.

Exercise 1

The Flu

The flu is the common name for influenza. The flu is a respiratory sickness. The flu can be mild. The flu can be bad. Sometimes the flu can even cause death. Each year in the U.S., 5% -20% of people get the flu and about 36,000 people die from problems related to the flu. The flu is contagious.


The flu is caused by a virus. A virus is a germ. People can spread the virus. The virus can live in tiny drops of liquid. If you have the virus, you can spread it by coughing. You can get the virus by touching a something that has the virus on it and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.


A flu shot can prevent the flu. The nasal flu mist can also prevent the flu. The shot and the nose spray are vaccines. Talk to your doctor about getting a vaccine.


If you get the flu, you might get a headache. You might have a fever. You might have a cough and a runny nose. You might have a sore throat. You might feel very tired. Your body might hurt all over. Some people have diarrhea and vomiting.

You can help stop the spread of the flu virus. The Centers for Disease Control remind you to cover your cough. You should cough into a tissue and throw the tissue away. The Centers for Disease Control also remind you to clean your hands. You can use hand sanitizer. You should use an alcohol based hand sanitizer for the best results. You can use soap and water. You should wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Studies show that washing your hands for 2 minutes with hot, soapy water is the best way to get the most germs off your hands. Be sure to wash under your fingernails and between your fingers.

Exercise 2

Match the given pictures with the meaning then write the word for each picture from the text.

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Exercise 3

Tick the correct answer:

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Exercise 4

Read the given statements. Then tick the box accordingly:

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Exercise 5

Now answer the given questions:

1. Flu is the common name for ………………………………………..?
2. Generally where does virus live?
3. Give two ways to prevent flu.
4. From where can we get the information about the flu shot and nasal spray?
5. State the symptoms of flu.
6. How can you stop the spread of flu?

Exercise 6


Macintosh HD:Users:Anastasiia:Downloads:healthy_lifestyle_heart--2.jpg


-         eat a balanced diet

-         sit around at a desk all day

-         get enough sleep

-         take plenty of exercise

-         skip meals

-         eat lots of fatty foods/junk food

-         get stressed out

-         drink plenty of water

-         stay up late

-         walk

-         drink a lot of caffeine

-         eat lots of vitamins

You asked Andrew's Advice...

(Weekly advice column for all your health concerns)


Task 1: Read the letters Andrew received and describe each person’s problem. What advice might he give?


Problem 1: Dear Andrew,

I'm really overweight I’ve cut out breakfast fatty foods, but I just can't seem to lose weight. I'm desperate - please help! (Hungry&Miserable, Coventry).

Problem 2: Dear Andrew,

I am always stressed out! I work long hours and find it hard to relax when I get home. What can I do? (Stressed, Brighton).

  Problem 3: Dear Andrew,

  I sit at a desk all day but I always seem to feel tired! Any suggestions? (Sleepy, Cardiff).



A.     Don't despair! First of all you should always eat breakfast. Imagine you're a car. If your fuel tank' is empty, it doesn't go anywhere! Also, if you skip meals you often eat later and put on weight. You should eat a balanced diet and take plenty of exercise. That's the best way to loose weight.

B.     Try going for a quick swim in the morning or walking to work. When you exercise, your heart beats faster and your blood carries more oxygen to your brain. This gives you energy and helps you to think more clearly! Also, do you get enough sleep? Remember, most people need 7 - 8 hours of sleep to function well the next day!

C.     Take it easy! There's more to life than work you know. Why not take up a new sport or hobby to get out of the house? You could join a gym! If you exercise regularly, body copes with stress much better. Also, try not to drink too much coffee and tea. If you drink a lot of caffeine, it increases anxiety.

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Task 2: Read the text and match Andrew’s advice A, B and C to the correct problem. Listen and check your answers. What advice does he give?

Exercise 7

Match the words in bold with a synonym below.

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Exercise 8

What happens when/if …

• you skip breakfast?
• you exercise regularly?
• you drink a lot of caffeine?