Lesson 48 - Health test - Speaking(part3)


Exercise 1

Look at the illnesses in the box and find a correct cause of each one from the box.

a headache
the flu
a sore throat
hay fever
an allergy
a nosebleed
an upset stomach
a temperature
a scar


1. Have you or anyone you know had any of these health problems? When was it? How did it happen?
2. Which of the illnesses/health problems are the most/least serious? Why?
3. Do you think it is unhealthy to keep a cat in your home? Do you think pets are good for a person's health
4. How often do you get sick in one year?
5. How often do you go to the doctor's?

Exercise 2

What does the word “SCAR” mean?

You are going to tell someone about a scar you have. If you don't have one, use your imagination and invent one!
Use the questions below to plan what you are going to say.

When did it happen?
How old were you?
Where were you?
What were you doing?
Was anyone else with you?
How did you get the scar?
What did the other people do?
Did anyone help you?
Did you have to go to hospital or have stitches?
Did you have to wait a long time to see a doctor?
How long did it take for the cut to heal / for you to recover?

Exercise 3

Give some advice to people with these health problems using should.

What should I do?

- I've got a cold.
- I've got a backache.
- My ear hurts.
- I've got a sore throat, a cough and a temperature.
- I feel sick and I have a stomachache.
- I’ve got a deep cut.
- I’ve broken my leg.
- I feel pain when I chew food.

Exercise 4

Label the picture and give a short description of each person’s health.

Exercise 5

Make up a story or a few about what could possibly happen?

You can use pictures in any order. You can also describe each picture separately.