Lesson 51 - Weather - Grammar(part2)


Спряжение глагола to write (писать)

(действие, совершившееся в прошлом,

связано с


I have written

I have not written

Не has written

He has not written

She has written

She has not written

It has written

It has not written

We have written

We have not written

You have written

You have not written

They have written

They have not written

Have I written?


I have.

No, I haven't.

Has he written?


he has.

No, he hasn't.

Has she written?


she has.

No, she hasn't.

Has it written?


it has.

No, it hasn't.

Have we written?


we have.

No, we haven't.

Have you written?


you have.

No, you haven't.

Have they written?


they have.

No, they haven't.

Сравните также:

• I have bought a book today (this week, this month).
неистекший отрезок времени — Present Perfect
• I bought a book yesterday (last week, last month).
истекший отрезок времени — Past Simple

Запомните также следующие предложения:
I have never been to France.
Have you ever been to London?
I haven't seen you for ages.
I haven't met him for a long time.
I haven't been to Moscow since last year.

Exercise 1

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect или Past Simple.

1. Helen speaks French so well because she (to live) in France.
2. She (to live) there last year.
3. The rain (to stop) and the sun is shining in the sky again.
4. The rain (to stop) half an hour ago.
5. Mary (to buy) a new hat.
6. I (to buy) a pair of gloves yesterday.
7. The wind (to blow) off the man's hat, and he cannot catch it.
8. The weather (to change), and we can go for a walk.
9. The wind (to change) in the morning.
10. We (to travel) around Europe last year.
11. My father knows so much be¬cause he (to travel) a lot.
12. I (to see) Pete today.
13. She (to see) this film last Sunday.
14. Alex (to meet) his friend two hours ago.
15.1 just (to meet) our teacher.

Exercise 2

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Choose the right answer

Exercise 3

Open the brackets, using Present Perfect and Past Simple

A: Hello, Billy. I _____ (not/see) you for a long time.
B: Yes, I _____(be) very busy recently.
A: Really? Tell me what you _____(do) since we last _____(see) each other.
B: Well. I ______(get) my degree last month and then I _____ (move) house.
A: When _____(you/move)?
B: Last week, but I ______(not/unpack) everything yet.
A: I _____ (phone) you on Tuesday but there ______(be) no answer.
B: I ______(be) busy at my new house then.
A: Never mind. I only_____(want) to invite you to a party next week at my house.
B: Great! Thank you.

Exercise 4

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