Lesson 51 - Weather - Listening(part3)


Exercise 1

Match the word with the picture which shows its meaning.

Ссылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=ps83pqtzt18

Exercise 2

Choose the most suitable answer.

Ссылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=p6wk2ayk518

Exercise 3

Listen to the weather forecast

Exercise 4

Match the two halves of the sentence and write a – d next to the number 1 – 4.

Cсылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=pwa7h638t18

Exercise 5

Do this exercise while you listen. Write the word to fill the gap.

Cсылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=pggp6x24j18

Exercise 6

Listen to the following weather report

Cсылка - https://learningapps.org/display?v=ptjz1io1c18

Exercise 7

Answer the questions

1. What is the weather usually like in your city or town?
2. What's your favorite season and why?
3. Which do you like better hot weather or cold weather?
4. Would you like to live in a country where there is the same weather all four seasons or where the weather changes in every season?
5. Does the weather influence your mood?