Lesson 52 - Weather - Grammar(part2)


Запомните следующие часовые показатели PRESENT PERFECT:

Ever – когда либо
Never – никогда
Just – только-что
Before - до
Lately - недавно
Recently - недавно
For – в течении (времени)
Since – с какого-то времени
Already - уже
Yet – пока еще не

Стишок для более легкого запоминания наших часовых показателей:

Ever, never, just, before, lately, recently, and for, since, already, yet – это все перфект.

Exercise 1

Open up the brackets using either Present Perfect or Past Simple.

1. Last night I (to feel) tired and (to go) to bed very early.
2. Where you (to spend) your holidays?
3. You ever (to spend) your holidays in the Crimea?
4. While travelling in the Crimea I (to meet) your friend.
5. I never (to visit) that place.
6. He (to visit) that place last year.
7. I just (to get) a letter from Tom.
8. You (to take) any photographs while travelling .in the south?
9. He (to be) abroad five years ago.
10. You (to be) in the Caucasus last year?
11. They (to leave) England when he (to be) still a child.
12. He (not yet to come) back.
13. He (to go) already?
14. When you (to see) him last?
15. I (not to see) him for ages.

Exercise 2

Correct the mistakes:

1. We have bought a new sofa last month.
2. Jim lives in Germany for three years.
3. My father has went fishing.
4. She is just moved house.
5. We have eaten lunch at one o'clock.
6. Sophie has do her homework.
7. Ann and Tim have got married ten years ago.
8. I am at school since nine o'clock

Exercise 3


Exercise 4


Exercise 5

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect, Present Continuous, Present Simple или Past Simple.

1. What you (to do) here at such a late hour? You (to write) your composition? — No, I (to write) it already. I (to work) at my report. — And when you (to write) your composition? — I (to finish) it two days ago.
2. I say, Tom, let's have dinner. — No, thank you, I already (to have) dinner.
3. What the weather (to be) like? It still (to rain)? — No, it (to stop) raining.
4. Please give me a pencil, I (to lose) mine.
5. I (not to meet) Peter since Monday.
6. Nina just (to finish) work.
7. Where Sergei (to be)? — He (to go) home. He (to leave) the room a minute ago.
8. What you (to read) now? — I (to read) "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte.
9. They (to read) "Ivanhoe" by Walter Scott a month ago. What about you? You (to read) "Ivanhoe"?
10. My watch (to stop). There (to be) something wrong with it.