Lesson 70 - Nature - Grammar(part2)


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Open the brackets using Present, Past or Future Simple Passive

1. How many newspapers (to print) in Britain every day?
2. Who (this play / to write) by?
3. German (to speak) in Germany, Austria, and part of Switzerland.
4. The royal wedding (to watch) by millions of people in 2011.
5. Nowadays, a lot of computers (to make) in Korea.
6. The Harry Potter films (not to direct) by Steven Spielberg.
7. How much (paper /to recycle) in Poland each year?
8. In the UK, alcohol (not to sell) to anyone under 18.

Exercise 5

Transform the sentences from active voice to passive

1. She eats apples every day.
2. They sent our documents yesterday.
3. Sarah will cook a delicious pie tomorrow.
4. I sold a house yesterday.
5. Italy produces great pasta.
6. Emily will buy a fancy dress tomorrow.
7. Grandma gave me a jar of strawberry jam yesterday.
8. They asked us to prepare the project.
9. Tania ironed Andrew’s shirt yesterday.
10. Darina feeds her cat Alisa every day.