Lesson 72 - Finance - Video(part3)


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Discussion questions

1) Have you ever lost any money?
2) How much money would you like to earn a year?
3) Which company would you like to invest in now?
4) Have you ever borrowed money and not paid it back?
5) Is there anyone you don’t like lending money to?
6) Have you ever found any money? Did you keep it?
7) What did you last waste money on?
8) Do you owe anybody money now?
9) When did you last withdraw money from the bank?
10) Has anybody ever stolen money from you?

Exercise 5


While watching complete the questions.

1. Tim and Bozzo have just returned from the lake? (T/F)
2. They were t___________, t_____________and out of e____________.
3. What does ALL living things have?
4. To survive living things need
a) water
b) lemonade
c) soda
5. We humans _____only live for _________ minutes without air.
6. The sun is the main source of good mood (T/F)
7. What do human and animals need to do to get some energy?
8. What does the saying «Home sweet home» mean?
9. The house gives us shelter from
a) rain, heat, cold
b) heat, sun, insects
c) dust, rain, cold
10. Choose the one creature which is odd and explain why you think so: plants, birds, animals, fish