Lesson 78 - Phrasal Verbs - Speaking(part3)


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

What and who can you see in the pictures? What are they doing? Describe the pictures and answer the following questions:
• How often do you go shopping?
• What do you buy every day?
• What can you get in a supermarket?
• Do you like ordinary grocer's or big supermarkets? Why?
• What shops are there in the main street in your town?
• What can you buy in a big department store?
• Where do you buy clothes?

Exercise 3

Discuss these questions

Do you enjoy shopping? How often do you go shopping?
Do you ever buy second-hand things?
Have you ever bought clothes or shoes online?
Have you ever bough food in an online store?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online?
Do you sometimes buy things that you don't need? Give an example.
Have you ever bought a lottery ticket?
Have you ever won any money? What did you use it for?
What is something that you have bought recently?
Which do you prefer, large stores or small stores?
Do you like shopping centers? Which is your favorite one and why?
What is your favorite store with food? What is your least favorite store with food?
Which store do you go to the most often?
Who do you often go shopping with?
Do you like buying gifts for your family?
Do you prefer to pay with money or your credit card?
Do you always try clothes/shoes on before buying them?
Does shopping make you happy?