Lesson 2 - Family - Vocabulary(part1)


Let’s review some words from the previous lesson.

Exercise 1


Mate is a colloquial word for a good friend. It can also be used in compounds to describe a person you share something with, e.g. classmate, shipmate, workmate, flatmate.
Workmate is usual in non-professional contexts; colleague is more common among professional people.
Fiance/ee can still be used for someone you are engaged to, but a lot of people feel it is dated nowadays. You will sometimes see husband-/wife-to-be in journalistic style.
English has no universally accepted word for 'person I live with but am not married to', but partner is the most common.

Exercise 2

Use words with the suffix -mate to resay or rewrite these sentences.

1 This is Jack. He and I share a flat.
2 My granddad still writes to his old friends he was at sea with.
3 We were in the same class together in 1978, weren't we?
4 She's not really a friend, she's just someone I work with.

Exercise 3


Exercise 4

The person who typed this book has got some of the phrases and idioms opposite mixed up with one another. Correct them.

1 Jo and Phil don't get on eye to eye with each other.
2 I fell up with my parents last night. It wasn't my fault.
3 We had a quarrel but now we've made it well.
4 Do you think Jim and Nora are making an affair? I do.
5 I see very well with all my colleagues at work.
6 She should learn to respect her olders.
7 Jo's attractive, but her mate just turns me up completely.

Exercise 5