Lesson 2 Future Forms Grammar


Exercise 1

Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or the Future Simple.

1. They__(to go) to school when they__(to be) five years old.
2. I __ (to call) you before I __(to leave) for Paris.
3. He __(to write) a letter to her every day while he__ (to be) at college.
4. We__(to do) our homework when we __(to get) home.
5. John __(to fix) the tap as soon as he __(to come) back from work.
6. When__(you/to pack) your suitcase?
7. I__(not/to do) anything until you__(to be) ready.
8. When__(you/to phone) me?
9. I promise I__(to buy) you a present when I__(to return) from my holiday.
10. When she__(to pass) her driving test she__(to buy) a car.

Exercise 2


Exercise 3


Exercise 4

Look at the pictures and make the sentences using the following verbs:

go, swim, serve, eat, predict, play, get up, feed, fight, solve, direct, win, rain, dance, shine, be