Lesson 3 - Relationships - Reading


Exercise 1

Read and translate the text.

My name is Tom. I was born in a very poor family, moreover with four siblings. I‘ve had malnutrition since the childhood. I didn’t have clothes. My brothers, sisters and I have never known our father. My mother said: “You only have a mother”. Later on, she told us that he had left us. It’s very difficult to grow up without a father. But I am not offended in any way. It was his choice.
One winter evening, some of my sisters died. We have been living in the street just in the boxes for months. Their coats didn’t warm them. It was the biggest grief of my life. Our master didn’t give us food, so that’s why our mother fed us with milk. Some of the boys beat me when I was going along the pavement. They put me on the tree. But I’m happy.
You’ll ask me why? Why are you so happy? The answer is very easy. I have a family. Even though, it is poor and I don’t have food. I will be happy. Because I have a loving mother, friendly siblings who take care of me. This is happiness. If you have it, you will understand me.
Cat Tom.

Exercise 2

Are you really a good friend? Would you always be there when your friends need you? Try this quiz to find out!



Exercise 3

Look at these emails between a student and his friend who is studying in Scotland, then do the exercises to improve your reading skills.