Lesson 05 Grammar Past Continious (Part 2)


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Ex 2 Open the brackets using the Present Continuous or Past Continuous

1. I (to write) an English exercise now.
2. I (to write) an English exercise at this time yesterday.
3. My friends (not to do) their homework now.They (to play) volleyball.They (to play) volleyball.
4. My friends (not to do) their home volleyball.They (to play) volleyball.
5. You (to eat) ice-cream when I rang you up yesterday?
6. What your father (to do) from eight till nine yesterday?
7. Why she (to cry)?
8. Why she (to cry) when I saw her yesterday?
9. She (to read) the whole evening yesterday.
10. What you (to do) now? - I (to drink) tea.
11. You (to drink) tea at this time yesterday? - No, I (not to drink) tea at this time yesterday, I (to eat) a banana.
12. My sister is fond of reading. She (to read) the whole evening yesterday, and now she (to read) again.
13. Look! My cat (to play) with a ball.
14. When I went out into the garden, the sun (to shine) and birds (to sing) in the trees.

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Ex 5 Translate the sntances from Russian into English

1 В полночь путешественники все еще ехали на машине по пустыне.
2 Она писала сочинение IELTS, когда зазвонил телефон?
3 В то время, пока Бен спал прошлой ночью, кто-то украл его ключи.
4 Вы обсуждали последние новости, когда начался снег?
5 Вчера в 6 часов вечера мы не ели суши. 6 Что ты делал, когда это случилось?
7 Тим не рисовал красками, и Елен тоже.
8 Вчера в это же самое время я сидел в кино и смотрел тот новый фильм, о котором я тебе рассказывал.
9 Что он делал, когда сломал ногу?