Lesson 06 Grammar Past Continious vs Past Simple (Part 2)


Exercise 1

Ex 1 Put the words in the brackets into Past Simple or Past Continuous

1. When I (phone) my friends, they (play) monopoly.
2. The kids (play) in the garden when it (suddenly, begin) to rain.
3. While Minnie (work) in his room, his friends (swim) in the pool.
4. Jane (wait) for his sister when he (see) the most beautiful girl.
5. When we (take out) the garbage, it (get) dark.
6. The wife (put on) make-up while the husband (polish) his shoes.
7. What (you/do) when these people (arrive)?
8. Nobody (listen) while the teacher (explain) the tenses.
9. I (sit) down to dinner, so I (not answer) your call.
10. I (practice) the guitar when he (come) home.
11. While we (do) a sight-seeing tour, our friends (lie) on the beach.
12. She (fill) in a questionnaire when the pen (run) out of ink.
13. When we last (see) him, he (still wear) his gym clothes.
14. Her parents (dance) at the ball when the burglar (break) into their house.
15. Every day James Lullaby travels to London. Yesterday he (drive) his car when he (see).

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Ex 4 Translate sentences into English

1. Вчера я оставил ключи в кабинете.
2. Вчера с двух до пяти Элизабет пекла праздничный торт.
3. На протяжении всего фильма главный персонаж ощущал себя виноватым.
4. Девятого октября Билл вернул книгу в библиотеку.
5. С понедельника по пятницу они усердно готовились к предстоящему Хэллоуину.
6. С мая по август прошлого года университет проводил спортивные соревнования.
7. Как долго ты вязала вчера этот свитер?
8. Джон попал в аварию два дня назад. Хорошо, что он не пострадал.
9. Кто разбил окно в кабинете вчера вечером?
10. Я окончил университет пять лет назад и теперь работаю бухгалтером.
11. Во сколько закончился ваш вчерашний урок?

Exercise 5

Ex. 5 Describe the picture using Past Continuous or Past Simple.

I (go) to post a letter when I (hear) a loud bang across the street.

I (see) Sue in town yesterday, but she (not see) me. She (look) the other way

I (meet) Tom and Jane at the airport a few weeks ago. They (go) to Paris and I (go) to Rome. We (have) a chat while we (wait) for our flights.

I (cycle) home yesterday when a man (step) out into the road in front of me. I (go) quite fast, but luckily I (manage) to stop in time and (not hit) him.

Shawn (jump) on his skateboard when he (fall off).

The photographer (take) photos when the ball (hit) him.

Eliza (dry) her hair when it (get) caught in the dryer.