Lesson 13 Present Perfect Continuous Grammar


Exercise 1

Open up the brackets using the correct form of Present Perfect Continuous

1. What .... all week? (you/ do)
2. …. his car all day? (Jim/repair)
3. I….this book for weeks. (read)
4. ….a lot this year? (Ben/swim)
5. Mr. Bell is busy. He….on the phone for an hour. (talk)
6. I've got a penfriend. I….to her for five years. (write)
7. John won't pass his exams. He….any homework lately. (not/do)
8. Molly….with me since last month. (stay)
9. We….on this project since December. (work)
10.Sam…. how to ride a horse for three months. (learn)

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Choose the right answer and open up the brackets

1. Cliff and his friends____(play) soccer for/since two hours.

2. What game Andy and his friend____(play) for/since three hours?

3. Lucy____(watch) TV for/since 2 pm.

4. My friend’s sister____(learn) how to ride a horse for/since three years.

5. I____(swim) with my friends for/since an hour.

6. Betty and Adam____(make) a sandcastle for/since three hours.

7. Phil and Emily____(play) baseball for/since half an hour.

8. Whom Victor____(write) the letter for/since two hours?

9. Maggy____(knit) a new scarf for her best friend for/since 7 pm.