Lesson 16 - Home - Grammar


Exercise 1

It was Marie’s birthday party yesterday. What had she done before the party? Look at the pictures and give the answers.

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Open up the brackets using either Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous

Yesterday was a bad day for Andrew. He 1) .... (not/sleep) well because there was a terrible storm in the night. 2).... (have) a shower, he made breakfast. After he 3…. (eat), he got into his car and drove to work. He 4) …. (only/drive) for five minutes when he remembered that he 5) …. (leave) his briefcase at home. He turned the car around and went home again. Then, he realized that he 6) .............(lock) himself out. The keys were still inside the house! Andrew was already late for work, so he decided to leave the briefcase and go to work. When he arrived, his secretary told him that his boss 7) …. (try) to call him home. Andrew went to find his boss. When he asked his boss why he 8)…… (call), he told him that it hadn't been necessary for him to come to work that day after all! Poor Andrew drove all the way home again.

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Exercise 6