Lesson 18i - Countryside - Vocabulary



Read the texts and pay attention to the collocations in bold. Later you will be able to practice these words with Quizlet

• From my room I look out over the surrounding countryside. It's very different from the familiar landscape I see from the windows at home. At home its a gentle landscape with open fields . Here it’s a bleak landscape with rocky mountains in the distance.
• Yesterday we followed a path down to the lake. As we turned a corner, we caught a glimpse of a kingfisher standing in the water. John tried to take a picture of it but it caught sight of us and flew off. A little further on we rounded a bend and St John's Abbey came into view. The Abbey fell into ruin about three hundred years ago. Although it lies in ruins, it is well worth seeing as it stands in a dramatic setting on a steep slope beside a fast-flowing river with mountains towering above it.
• The cottage is in some wonderful unspoilt countryside on the edge of a dense forest . Unfortunately thee trees block the view of the snow-covered mountains. It has a little garden with a stream at the end of it. The stream winds through the forest. They wanted to build a timber factory here but the local people said that it would destroy the countryside and, fortunately, their campaign to protect the environment succeeded.



Exercise 1

Complete the collocations to fit these pictures

1 Near the lake there is an old house that __________ __________ruin about a hundred years ago. It stands in a lovely landscape, surrounded by __________ fields.

2 We __________ a footpath along the river for about three kilometers. In the distance there were snow- __________ mountains.

3 We walked through a __________ forest; it was very dark among the trees.

Exercise 2


Exercise 3


Exercise 4


Exercise 5

Describe this picture in the slightest details using the vocabulary from this lesson