Lesson 22i - Possessive Case of Nouns - Grammar


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Correct the possessive nouns for the following sentences:

1) The children trip got cancelled due to bad weather.
2) The artists’s paintings were amazing.
3) The teachers laptops are not working.
4) Horse’s owners are sitting in the lawn.
5) The girls’ bag was on the desk.
6) The animals skin is used for making many things.
7) I went with my friends’ sister to the market. 8) The cat fur was dark brown.
9) Tims sandwiсhеs wеrе tastiег than ours.
10) Thе managеrs assistant rеads all thе сustomеrs lеttеrs.
11) Our сat slееp’s all day in it’s bed.

Exercise 3


Exercise 4

Translate the following word combinations from Russian into English.

1) голос актрисы
2) машина мистера Дэвиса
3) фуражки полицейских
4) кольцо принцессы Дианы
5) женская и детская одежда
6) ничья вина
7) багаж пассажиров
8) квартира Мэри и Джона
9) замок Генриха VIII
10) свадьба моей невестки
11) права женщин
12) собака детей соседа
13) дело кого-то еще
14) мнение американского президента