Lesson 23i - Possessive Case of Nouns - Test - Grammar


Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Open the brackets

1. This is my __________ house. (parents)
2. You know John? He’s __________ father. (David and Neil)
3. I borrowed __________ bike. (Lewis)
4. I’ll be staying at my __________. (uncle and aunt)
5. That looks like __________ car. (John and Jean)
6. Could you give me __________ address? (Charles)
7. You need __________ rest. (a couple of days)
8. We usually have __________ holiday in summer. (two weeks)
9. Did you see the cartoon in __________ newspaper? (yesterday)
10. Are you coming to my __________ party? (brother-in-law)
11. __________ versions of the event seemed different. (Mr. Smith and Mr. Sims)
12. There’s a new __________ surgery on the corner of Greenford Street. (Dr. Brown)
13. The company manufactures low cost __________ uniforms. (nurses)

Exercise 3

Correct the mistakes

1. There was a chair near the library’s secretary desk.
2. Mr. Brown was satisfied with the results of Tom and Nick’s visit.
3. I think we ought to drink dear James’ health, and the health of Charles’ wife.
4. I’m not good at other peoples’ affairs.
5. They had found refreshments over the way at Brown’s and Smith’s.
6. I’m really fed up with my landlord’s wife’s complaints about noise.
7. My brother’s-in-law parents have decided to emigrate.
8. It’s not my bag, it’s somebody else.
9. There was a two minute’s wait while the computer started.
10. Janice decided to open a shop specializing in childrens’ clothes.

Exercise 4

Rebuild the phrases using possessive case

1. the cheques of travelers
2. the decision of the authorities
3. a course that lasts three months
4. a shop of the florist
5. the opinions of each other
6. a rest of a couple of days
7. the changing room for men
8. the dance of Fred and Ginger
9. the dog belonging to the son of my next-door neighbor
10. the advice of somebody else
11. the signature of the boss
12. the books that belong to the children
13. the office of the editor-in-chief