Lesson 44 - Health - Grammar(part2)

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Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Передайте следующие повелительные предложения в косвенной речи.

1. The teacher said to me: ''Hand this note to your parents, please.''
2. Oleg said to his sister: ''Put the letter into an envelope and give it to Kate.”
3. “Please help me with this work, Henry,” said Robert.
4. ''Please bring me some fish soup,” he said to the waitress.
5. “Don't worry over such a small thing,” she said to me.
6. “Please don’t mention it to anybody,” Mary said to her friend.
7. “Promise to come and see me,” said Jane to Alice.
8. He said to us: “Come here tomorrow.”
9. I said to Mike: “Send me a telegram as soon as you arrive.”
10. Father said to me: “Don't stay there long.”
11. Peter said to them: “Don’t leave the room until I come back.”
12. “Take my luggage to Room 145,” he said to the porter.
13. He said to me; “Ring me up tomorrow.”
14. “Bring me a cup of black coffee,” she said to the waiter.
15. “Don’t be late for dinner,” said mother to us.
16. Jane said to us: “Please tell me all you know about it.”
17. She said to Nick: “Please don’t say anything about it to your sister.”

Exercise 3

Передайте следующие повествовательные предложения в косвенной речи.

1. Hе said: “I have just received a letter from my uncle.”
2. “I am going to the theatre tonight,” he said to me.
3. Mike said: “I spoke to Mr. Brown this morning.”
4. He said to her: “I shall do it today if I have time.”
5. I said to them: “I can give you my uncle’s address.”
6. Oleg said: “My room is on the second floor.”
7. He said: “I am sure she will ring me up when she is back in St. Petersburg.”
8. Misha said: “I saw them at my parents’ house last year.”
9. He said: “I haven’t seen my cousin today.”
10. “I don’t go to this shop very often,” she said.
11. Tom said: “I have already had breakfast, so I am not hungry.”

Exercise 4

Передайте следующие повествовательные предложения в косвенной речи.

1. “This man spoke to me on the road,” said the woman.
2. “I can’t explain this rule to you,” said my classmate to me.
3. The teacher said to the class: “We shall discuss this subject tomorrow.”
4. The woman said to her son: ''I am glad I am here.”
5. Mike said: “We have bought these books today.”
6. She said to me: “Now I can read your translation.”
7. Our teacher said: “Thackeray’s novels are very interesting.''
8. She said: “You will read this book in the 9th form.”
9. Nellie said: “I read “Jane Eyre'' last year.”
10. “My friend lives in Moscow,” said Alec.
11. “You have not done your work well,” said the teacher to me.
12. The poor man said to the rich man: “My horse is wild. It can kill your horse.”
13. The rich man said to the judge: “This man’s horse has killed my horse.”

Exercise 5

Передайте следующие повествовательные предложения в косвенной речи.

1. ''When your turn comes, listen very carefully to what the doctor tells you,” I said to my grandmother.
2. “If you are in a hurry, we shall make only the first experiment,” said the laboratory assistant to me.
3. “I shan’t start anything new until I have finished this novel,” said the writer to the correspondent.
4. “When I get a job, I’ll buy you a warm coat,” said the boy’s father.
5. “If you spill the milk, there won’t be any for the cat,” said my mother to me.
6. “When you come to see me on Sunday, I shall show you my new dress,” she said to me.
7. “If Mary arrives before seven, bring her to our house for the evening,” said Jane to Henry.
8. “Don’t wait until I come. As soon as you finish the exercises, begin playing volleyball,” said the PT teacher to the pupils.
9. “As soon as Robert appears, ask him where he put the dictionary,” said Mary to her mother.

Exercise 6

Восстановите прямую речь в следующих предложениях.

1.Tom said he would go to see the doctor the next day.
2. He told me he was ill.
3. He told me he had fallen ill.
4. They told me that Tom had not come to school the day before.
5. I told my sister that she might catch cold.
6. She told me she had caught cold.
7. He said that while crossing the English Channel they had stayed on deck all the time.
8. The woman said she had felt sick while crossing the Channel.
9. She said she was feeling bad that day.
10. The old man told the doctor that he had pain in his right side.
11. He said he had just been examined by a good doctor.
12. He said he would not come to school until Monday.
13. The man said he had spent a month at a health resort.
14. He said that his health had greatly improved since then.